Video Topic: Bus Maintenance

  • Maryland Transit Administration (MTA)

    Bus maintenance supervisor discusses a variety of specifics of bus maintenance work portrayed in the video.  He also notes his career pathway and the support and training provided for maintainers.

  • MARTA – Atlanta, GA

    As part of the “MARTA Hero” series, a bus mechanic briefly discusses his daily work and its impact on the community.

  • MARTA – Atlanta, GA

    As part of a “MARTA Hero” series, frontline transit workers representing a range of careers at MARTA talk about why they chose MARTA, what they value about their work, what it’s like to be part of the MARTA team, and how they impact the larger community.

  • Metropolitan Transportation Authority – New York City

    Bus maintainer describes and demonstrates his job, communicating his pride in his work and its impact on rider and community safety.  A maintenance superintendent also emphasizes the importance of the work and provides some details on maintainer training.