Video Topic: Positive Work Environment

  • METRO Houston

    Promotional bus rodeo demonstrating mini-training with local radio reporters driving a bus and trainer noting key elements of training and the job.

  • Maryland Transit Administration (MTA)

    In this brief video, a transit mechanic notes what he likes most about his career.

  • AppalCart – North Carolina

    Bus operators highlight the characteristics they like about the work, the workplace culture, and flexible options.  The video stresses a family environment and includes information on basic application requirements and paid CDL training. Read video transcript

  • MARTA – Atlanta, GA

    In this installment of the “MARTA Hero” series, bus operators and technicians communicate what they appreciate about their careers, what they do, and their impact on the community.

  • MARTA – Atlanta, GA

    As part of a “MARTA Hero” series, frontline transit workers representing a range of careers at MARTA talk about why they chose MARTA, what they value about their work, what it’s like to be part of the MARTA team, and how they impact the larger community.

  • NJ Transit – Newark, NJ

    Diverse group of bus operators discuss the best part of their job and what working at NJ Transit means to them. Operators also share their previous work experiences and benefits of employment.

  • NJ Transit – Newark

    This short video emphasizes family and team dynamics as part of the agency’s “Routes to Success” series.

  • Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority – Boston

    A narrator shares the salary and long-term benefits of being a bus operator, A narrator shares the salary and long-term benefits of being a bus operator, including competitive pay, solid benefits, and college tuition support. An operator then explains her favorite aspects of the job, including helping the community and being part of a family…