Video Topic: Community

  • Dallas Area Rapid Transit

    Using a range of video clips of different aspects of the agency’s workers and the work, a voiceover narrative provides detail on what is expected of operators, how operators and the agency positively impact the community, and the variety of benefits available, including paid training.

  • Metro Transit – Minneapolis

    In this brief video, three women operators emphasize benefits, community service, and the opportunity to have a career, not just a job.

  • San Diego Metropolitan Transit System (MTS) – San Diego

    MTS’s CEO talks about the agency’s career and advancement opportunities and work culture in the context of how MTS serves the community and protects the environment. 

  • Tri-County Metro Transportation District of Oregon – Portland

    Video follows a driver through segments of his early shift.  In the narrative, he reflects on why he likes the split shift, what led him to the work, and what he enjoys about his career, focusing on helping people.

  • Miami-Dade Transit – Miami (Spanish)

    Una breve descripción del papel que los operadores de autobuses desempeñan en la comunidad, e información sobre algunos de los beneficios del trabajo. Una versión del video en inglés también está disponible. 

  • Miami-Dade Transit – Miami

    A brief overview of the bus operator’s role in helping the community, along with highlights of key benefits.  A Spanish language version of this video is also available.

  • AppalCart – North Carolina

    Bus operators highlight the characteristics they like about the work, the workplace culture, and flexible options.  The video stresses a family environment and includes information on basic application requirements and paid CDL training. Read video transcript

  • MARTA – Atlanta, GA

    In this short video of the “MARTA Hero” series, a bus operator talks about his relationship with his passengers and the satisfaction of delivering good customer service to the community.

  • MARTA – Atlanta, GA

    In this installment of the “MARTA Hero” series, bus operators and technicians communicate what they appreciate about their careers, what they do, and their impact on the community.

  • MARTA – Atlanta, GA

    As part of a “MARTA Hero” series, frontline transit workers representing a range of careers at MARTA talk about why they chose MARTA, what they value about their work, what it’s like to be part of the MARTA team, and how they impact the larger community.