Zero-Emission Bus Maintenance Training Standards

Zero-Emission Bus Maintenance Training Standards

American Public Transportation Association
October 2023

This recommended practice provides guidance for developing zero emission bus maintenance training curricula and materials.

This recommended practice is a guide for transit bus maintenance and maintenance training with a series of learning objectives that represent the knowledge and skills technicians should acquire as a result of zero-emission bus training. This recommended practice is divided into three modules. Level 100 identifies the knowledge and skills technicians will need to gain a basic understanding of how zero emission buses operate, how they compare/contrast with other buses, general safety precautions, and function of each major component. Level 200 expands on familiarization material offered in the previous module by providing technicians with more detailed information on ZEB safety, components, systems and theory of operation. Level 300 then focuses on ZEB troubleshooting techniques, related special tools, and the knowledge and skills that technicians will need to perform common ZEB maintenance and repair tasks.

The American Public Transportation Association developed this recommended practice with a joint labor and management work group, with assistance from the International Transportation Learning Center.

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