Technical Assistance Coordination Library (TACL)

Transportation Technical Assistance Coordination Library (TACL)

The Transportation Technical Assistance Coordination Library (TACL) provides a sustainable methodology and platform for access and findability of rural and tribal transit coordination resources across a diverse range of transportation technical assistance centers and the Federal Transit Administration (FTA).

The FTA-funded Technical Assistance (TA) Centers participating in this ongoing work are:

The TACL Task Force uses a systematic review process for resources included in the database. New resources will be added on a quarterly basis. Let us know if you would like to serve as a peer reviewer for our resources.

Why was TACL created?

The United States Government Accountability Office (GAO) published Public Transportation: Enhanced Federal Information Sharing on Coordination Could Improve Rural Transit Services in January 2020. GAO recommended that FTA “develop a communication plan that will effectively share information with state and local stakeholders on coordination opportunities in an accessible and informative way.” This effort was created to improve interagency resource coordination between FTA and its five TA Centers.

How can TACL be used?

TACL resources can be used to identify high quality technical assistance on transportation coordination. The resources can be used for research, training, practice, operations, planning, and other purposes. We encourage authors to cite TACL resources.

Ready to get started?

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If you have a question about TACL, or if you would like to be considered to become a TACL peer reviewer, please contact