Meeting Industry Needs: Stakeholder Listening Sessions on FTA’s Workforce Development Strategic Plan

Meeting Industry Needs: Stakeholder Listening Sessions on FTA’s Workforce Development Strategic Plan

The Federal Transit Administration (FTA) and the Transit Workforce Center (TWC) will co-host three listening sessions to gather feedback on FTA’s National Workforce Development Strategic Plan. The sessions will provide an opportunity for participants to learn about and comment on the goals and objectives of the strategic plan. The purpose of this plan is to support, strengthen, and help address the transit industry’s workforce development needs. Currently, the plan has five major goals:

  1. Worker Safety: Establish, strengthen, and expand initiatives and frontline worker training to support a safe and healthy work environment for transit workers.
  2. Workforce Investment: Support sustainable investment in transportation workforce development and planning, especially in areas that advance workforce-related diversity, equity, inclusion, and access.  
  3. Recruitment and Retention: Support the implementation of effective recruitment and retention initiatives to meet short- and long-term workforce needs. Develop career awareness and pipeline programs. Establish, strengthen, and expand initiatives that ensure a safe and healthy transit work environment with flexible scheduling, while advancing diversity, equity, and inclusion in the workforce.  
  4. Skills Development and Career Advancement: Support programs and initiatives that build and enhance continuous training, education, and advancement opportunities across all occupations and for all workers. Focus on strengthening and increasing workforce diversity, equity, inclusion, and access. Provide guidance and a range of resources to create, support, and strengthen skills development initiatives for new technologies.     
  5. Workforce Metrics: Improve workforce development data and performance measures to assist transit agencies and other transit industry stakeholders in effective decision-making. Ensure sufficient and appropriate data is gathered to evaluate activities and outcomes related to diversity, equity, inclusion, and access. 

Please register for one of the following three listening sessions below. Additional details on the session format will be sent via email beforehand. All session times will occur in the Eastern Time zone:

About the Format for These Listening Sessions

  • An FTA representative will begin the session by explaining the Strategic Plan process and then review and explain the goals. The remainder of the time is for FTA to receive written and verbal comments from webinar participants.
  • Written comments may be submitted at any time during the session through the Q&A function. Please note which of the five goals your comment addresses.
  • Verbal comments can be submitted during the session following these guidelines:
    • Those who want to provide a verbal comment will use the Q&A function, typing their first and last name and the word “speak.”
    • Speakers will be placed in a queue, and will be called on when their turn comes. At that time, they will be asked to unmute themselves.
    • Please begin by noting which of the five goals your comment addresses.
    • Verbal comments will be limited to 90 seconds to allow for as many as possible in this session.

Additional Information 

  • Alternate methods for submitting comments: Speakers who are on Zoom in call-in mode or individuals who cannot attend any of the listening sessions may send comments directly to the Transit Workforce Center.
    • Email Option: Please note:
      • “Strategic Plan Comment” in the subject line of your emailWhich of the five goal(s) the comment is addressing
    • Phone Option: 1-855-888-NTWC (6892).  Please:
      • Leave a message
      • Note at the beginning of the message which of the five goal(s) the comment is addressing.
  • To be considered prior to completion of the final plan, comments must be submitted no later than Monday, April 17 at 5 pm ET.
  • Listening Session recordings will be available on TWC’s website