Making Connections 2022 Plenary and Workshop Sessions and Speakers

Making Connections 2022 Plenary and Workshop Sessions and Speakers

Plenary Sessions

  • A Dialogue with FTA on Transit Workforce Development
  • Rethinking Recruitment: Converting Our Challenges to Opportunities 
  • Navigating New Directions: Emerging Technologies and the Future of Transit Workforce
  • How Do We Pay for All These Good Workforce Development Programs?

Confirmed Plenary Moderators and Speakers:

  • Veronica Vanterpool, Deputy Administrator, Federal Transit Administration
  • India Birdsong Terry, General Manager & Chief Executive Officer, Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority
  • Scott Bogren, Executive Director, Community Transportation Association of America
  • Randy Clarke, General Manager and CEO, Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority 
  • John Costa, President, Amalgamated Transit Union
  • Sarah Fox, Assistant Professor, Carnegie Mellon University
  • Raymond Jackson, President, ATU Local 689
  • Madeline Janis, Executive Director, Jobs to Move America
  • Nik Martelaro, Assistant Professor, Carnegie Mellon University
  • Karen Philbrick, Executive Director, Mineta Transportation Institute
  • Greg Regan, President, Transportation Trades Department, AFL-CIO
  • Jeff Rosenberg, Director of Government Affairs, Amalgamated Transit Union
  • John Samuelsen, President, Transport Workers Union of America
  • Beverly Scott, Founder and Director, Introducing Youth to American Infrastructure
  • Paul Skoutelas, President, American Public Transportation Association
  • Paige Shevlin, Strategic Advisor, DOT
  • Yvette Trujillo, Executive Vice President, Amalgamated Transit Union

Workshop Sessions:

  • Driving Bus Operator Recruitment and Retention: Challenges, Opportunities, and Innovation
  • Drive to Revive: Preparing Operators for ZEB Deployment
  • Engines to Inverters: Preparing Technicians for ZEB Deployment
  • Moving Forward Together: Creating and Sustaining Successful Labor-Management Partnerships
  • Out of the Box Strategies: Using Partnerships to Strengthen Recruitment, Retention, and the Advancement of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Access
  • Meeting Industry Needs: Feedback Session on FTA’s Draft Strategic Workforce Development Plan
  • The Who, What, How, and Why: Linking Program Design to Classroom Learning and on the Job Training for Transit Workforce Workers
  • Hands-On Instructional Training for Transit Trainers 
  • Transit Instructional Systems Design Boot Camp 
  • Online Training & Learning Technologies
  • Growing Your Own Through Apprenticeship: A Joint Approach to Building Skills
  • Mentoring: A Great Route to Frontline Workforce Development
  • Designing Safety: Bus of the Future and Beyond