Advertisement Templates (customizable)

Advertisement Templates

Templates with varied formats using seven tested and reviewed themes:

  1. My Community Works Because I Work
  2. My Work Gets People Where They Need to Be
  3. Take the Wheel of Your Future
  4. Drive into Your Transit Career
  5. Drive into a Greener Future
  6. Serving My Community
  7. Connect Your Community

The templates can be customized to reflect an agency’s compensation, benefits, and perks for a target audience in recruitment advertisements and hiring events. Point 5 in the “Tips for Using Recruitment Advertisement Templates” provides some alternative options to populate the templates. The “How to Customize the Ad, Poster & Banner Templates” document provides instruction on adapting the templates for local use.

Create Your Own Ad By Adding Your Local Images to the Advertising Templates Using Adobe InDesign:

Transit organizations with Adobe InDesign capability can download all the files above and populate them with local images.