TWC Releases BEB Familiarization Course

In its latest contribution to support the industry’s critical workforce transition, the Transit Workforce Center (TWC) has released its comprehensive Battery Electric Bus Familiarization Course, designed to equip transit workers with baseline knowledge of electric vehicle fundamentals, safety practices, and charging technologies. Transitioning from work with 12- and 24-volt electrical systems in traditional diesel and CNG buses to Zero-Emission Buses (ZEBs), with upwards of 800 volts, requires a significant commitment to additional skills training and development. TWC is producing critical resources as part of a nationally coordinated effort to help prepare frontline technicians with the training needed to meet the challenges and demands of this new technology.

The course is based on extensive development and piloting work throughout 2022 and 2023 and builds upon a series of 2020 TWC webinars: BEB Overview; High Voltage Safety Considerations; and Battery Charging Approaches. The course materials include the participant guide, PowerPoints, instructor guide, hands-on exercises, video demonstrations, and assessments that allow participants to review technical content and actively experience being around a Battery Electric Bus (BEB), charging equipment, and handling personal protective equipment (PPE). TWC team members  James Hall, John Schiavone, and Brandon Liu spearheaded the course’s development, supported by valuable contributions from: Alexandria Transit Company (DASH); DC Circulator; Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority (LA Metro); Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (WMATA); Capital Metropolitan Transportation Authority (CapMetro); and Maryland Department of Transportation – Maryland Transit Administration (MDOT-MTA). 

TWC is now collaborating with its partners on disseminating course materials and providing related support. The BEB Familiarization Course, the ZEB Workforce Transition Resources, and additional information are all available on TWC’s website. Please contact Brandon Liu at for additional information or with any questions.